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blake and steven | engaged

i'm not exactly sure where to start with these two. we love them a whole bunch. i'm sure you know those people you just click with after spending about a minute with them? that's blake and steven. they're so so funny and honest and open and kind. SO kind. steven lives in seattle and blake is moving soon (and now so are we) so while we were driving around during their engagement shoot, evan was like, "are they sure they have to move? i want to be friends with them. act cool-maybe they'll stick around." we just super love these guys and their hearts and attitudes toward each other. and sweet little evie. let me just tell you about my new favorite girlfriend. her fish's name is "friendsbeat" and i'm like "why evie? why did you name your fish that?" "because i wanted it to be personal." she's seriously the greatest three-year-old i know probably because she has such a cool mom. my mom once told me that it's not possible for me to be friends with all of our clients so i'm just over here slowly proving her wrong, one wedding at a time. can't wait for september (and to visit you all the time in seattle)!!!

Larissa Cook