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dusting off the blog with one of my favorite sessions of all time. i always used to tell people i don't like to photograph babies but turns out i do. send me all of the babies, please/thanks. especially in their mere 24-hours-newness, i will cuddle and hold and swaddle and coo and ooh and aww over your precious bundle of brand new life. which is exactly what i did with my sweet clients-turned-friend's brand new daughter, avery carroll. she is precious with her little wrinkly forehead and newborn chin and the softest hair you've ever felt. her parents are madly in love already and my favorite part of their entire story is that they were team #surprise (just like evan and i!). you can call us crazy if you want but i promise waiting nine-months to find out what your baby will be is the greatest anticipation and excitement of your life. do it. try it. you'll love it. ANYWAY. they were convinced they were having a boy and so in shock when out came a sweet little girl. and now i'm sure they can't even imagine why they thought they were having a boy in the first place and are absolutely smitten with their daughter. congratulations, my friends! so very happy for you both. (ps. see their beautiful wedding here: http://evanandlarissaphotography.com/blog/gizickiwed2017)



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