evan and larissa photography
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we love weddings. we love getting to hear your love story and listen to all of the reasons why you adore each other. we'll make you spill your hearts out during your sessions to capture true emotion and your real love. we'll play games (come prepared to sing to each other, the worse you are at singing, the better) and laugh and climb hills and i'll make you run and spin and we will have the most fun. i love the pictures with the R E A L emotion like uncontrolable belly laughter and tears spilling down your cheeks. i love genuine, authentic couples who love each other more than life itself. i'll probably also ask you if it's okay that i want to put your pictures on my walls (true story), which is either super creepy or the sign of a good photographer. who knows.

our wedding packages start at $3,000. each package includes an engagement session and two shooters. please contact us for more details or to sit down for coffee or a drink! we'd love to meet you and hear your story.



we love the engagement session. this session is for us to get comfortable around each other because no one wants evan and i to show up to the wedding and not know who the bride and groom are. I MEAN REALLY. engagements help you feel comfortable with our shooting style and help us get to know you better. we like to be friends with our couples and to have genuine connection so this feels like friendship and not like a business transaction. we want to capture your love and that includes the sweet engagement season as well.