evan and larissa photography

meet us


hi, we're evan + Larissa

we met in high school, got married at 22. i like that i get to call us high school sweethearts. we believe in telling stories and telling them well. starting our days with a hot cup of coffee (him) and tea (her) and summer nights spent on patios are gifts straight from God. we are basically complete opposites (he's an extrovert, she's an introvert. he loves runny yolks, she cannot deal with that. he's an early bird, she's a night owl.) but we make the best team, ready to capture your memories and love you well.



he's a leader and a lover and he sings at the top of his lungs in the shower. he's the kind of person who wakes up every single day with the babe, without complaint. ever. he's the kind of person to show up with a latte in the afternoon because he knows the type of energy that being a mama requires. he lets me make the playlists (florida georgia line for life) and only complains a little when i never stop listening to country. he loves others above all and especially us, even on our worst days.



i'm an INFJ so i love my alone time and my space. i love hot tea. books. my fireplace. simple pleasures like always staying up late and always sleeping in. not being a morning person unless there are surprise breakfasts waiting for me. trips to the mountains or the beach, your choice. sarcasm and laughing until tears stream down my face. also my friends. also my husband. i take the pictures and do a little bossing around of evan (A LITTLE, OKAY) and he's my support and encouragement and bringer of coffees during an editing binge.


maddox and zara (and hank)

our cutest little people. they are our why. my favorite thing is that they are tiny creatives who paint me pictures all day long and use entire rolls of my prettiest washi tape to stick them to my walls. we know that they are the cutest children you have seen (we are also biased but so are you now) and we are so lucky that they are ours. and of course our sweet doodle. he's the most inexpensive and softest therapy and if you were ever wondering about a good family dog, HE IS IT. i mean, take a look at that choke-hold and how chill he absolutely is. we did all the adopting this year, yes we did.