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baby jack | newborn lifestyle photographer | six days new

everyone, meet baby jack. full name: jack dexter hickey. he's absolutely perfect and i loved getting to take his six-day-new photos because there is nothing quite like the first few days at home with a newborn baby. and with the sleeplessness and middle of the night feedings and constant company, you blink and suddenly they're no longer an infant. so i'm glad we got to pause time with kelly and joe and just got to literally stare at baby jack. joe and kelly were also our bride and groom several years ago and we are so thankful for clients who return to us for the big (and little) moments of their lives. if you've been following us then maybe you remember that kelly is the bride i made climb a hay bale in her wedding gown (and she did it happily and no questions asked!) and they have that hay bale photo above their bed. so much joy, i adore these guys.

Larissa Cook